A four-part French-language podcast aimed at raising awareness of gynaecological and obstetric violence.

Through the testimonies of parents and health professionals, this 4-part podcast aims to raise awareness of gynaecological and obstetric violence.

These touching stories highlight ways of encouraging births that are respectful and free from violence.

This podcast has been designed for future parents to help them welcome their baby in the best possible conditions, but also for parents who have experienced this type of violence to help them put it into words and ease their guilt, and finally for carers to (continue to) campaign for more respectful practices for themselves and their patients.


Project led by the CCEF, Powwow , Estelle Di Zenzo, Eglantine Moity

Collection of testimonials: Laetitia Mélon
Directed by: Lisa Guilmot, Laetitia Mélon, Kevin Zuijderhoff (Powwow)
Post-production: Delphine Steckelmacher (Powwow)
Sound design: Luc Laret
Graphic identity: June Lotin
Production: Powwow


With the support of the la Région wallone and Powwow