Two sisters from Court-Saint-Etienne are preparing for the Winter Paralympics in South Korea. They are skiers and form a singular duo: Eleonor, visually impaired, has as her only guide on the slopes the voice of her older sister. After four years of training and sacrifice, they won the first Belgian women’s medal at the Winter Games. A feat not without consequences for their duo and their respective lives.

Technical info

Duration: 72′-52′.
Format: HD
Sound: 5.1 (72′) – stereo (52’)

Language : French
Subtitles: EN/NL
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Première : 20 Sept. 2018 – Cinescope Louvain-La-Neuve

RTBF – La Trois (6 octobre 2018 – 21h05)
RTBF – La Une (7 octobre 2018 – 17h30)
RTBF – La Trois (8 octobre 2018 – 11h00)
RTBF – La Trois (11 octobre 2018 – 11h40)
RTBF – La Trois (16 octobre 2018 – 13h25)
Festival Du Film Sportif (13/14/15/16 Novembre 2018)
Festival Le Jour du Doc (Mars 2019)
Cinema CAMEO NAMUR (23 au 26 avril 2019)


Céline Gransard, Kevin Zuijderhoff

Director of photography

Kevin Zuijderhoff

Sound engineer

Manu Saubain

post-prod. director

Delphine Steckelmacher



Production assistant

Maximilien Charlier,

Sound mix

Simon Jamart

Color Grading

Benjamin Dontaine

Graphic design

Julie Leunen


Daniel Davies


Benois Vos


Sophie Gransard, Sophie Geert

Writting assistant

Alexis Hotton

Writting adviser

Quentin Noirfalisse

With the support of:

Fonds pour le Journalisme, Paralympic Team Belgium, Wallonie Image Production, Cap48, Ligue Handisport Francophone