Preparing for an on-camera interview: an overview

When it comes to conducting an on-camera interview, thorough preparation is key. This involves several distinct steps, including understanding the subject matter, crafting the questions, and setting up the technical aspects.

Understanding the Subject

A deep understanding of the subject matter by the interviewer is a crucial component of a successful interview. This typically requires upfront research, which might involve reading articles, books, or studies, listening to podcasts, or consulting online resources. The more the interviewer understands the subject, the better they are able to ask informed questions and engage in meaningful dialogue with the guest.

Crafting the Questions

Question preparation is another vital step. This involves understanding the audience and thinking about what they would want to know. The interviewer should aim to cover topics that haven’t been addressed in previous interviews or that are relevant to the audience.
It’s also important to include a variety of question types. Factual questions can elicit specific information, while open-ended questions encourage the guest to share their ideas and experiences. Follow-up questions, on the other hand, allow for delving deeper into interesting points mentioned during the conversation.

The Technical Setup

The technical aspect of the interview should not be overlooked. This includes setting up the camera, lighting, sound, and background. It’s important to conduct a technical test run before the interview to ensure everything is working as expected.

The Interview Itself

During the interview, the interviewer should maintain active listening, respond to the guest’s answers, and pose follow-up questions as needed. Even with thorough preparation, it may be necessary to be flexible and adapt the interview based on the guest’s responses.

In summary, conducting an on-camera interview is a process that demands both thorough preparation and the ability to adapt in real-time. When done well, an interview can provide valuable insights and create a genuine connection with the audience.

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