Documentary portraits of Paralympic athletes supported by ENGIE

Since 2003, ENGIE has been supporting the Paralympic Team Belgiulm to enable all people with disabilities to practice sport. This partnership plays a crucial role in promoting and organizing adapted sport, while supporting Paralympic athletes. With its two regional leagues, Ligue Handisport Francophone and G-Sport Vlaanderen, PTBel offers unique competitive opportunities for athletes, while raising public awareness of the importance of handisport.

ENGIE commissioned us to produce 4 portraits of athletes, all winners of the ENGIE Talent Of The Year award, during their final year of preparation for the Paris Paralympic Games: Tim Celen (cycling), Laurens De Vos (table tennis), Tatyana Lebrun (swimming) and Selma Van Kerm (athletics).

We wanted to find out about their doubts and expectations, understand what was at stake and follow them behind the scenes of this adventure. Not all of them will be going to Paris, some may go on to the next Games, while others may bring home medals this summer!

In the end, we discovered 4 different temperaments, 4 different energies, 4 different backgrounds. But they all touched us deeply with their shared values: resilience, perseverance, passion…. What a pleasure to have been able to follow their universe.

Billboards 5" & 20" (TV & Cinema)

Teasers 45" (SoMe)

Documentaries (SoMe)

Tim Celen (cycling)

Tatyana Lebrun (swimming)

Laurens De Vos (table tennis)

Selma Van Kerm (athletics)