Missions for Paralympic Team Belgium

Since 2016, Powwow has been entrusted with an increasing number of missions by the Belgian Paralympic Committee and national Handisport Leagues. Today, we are responsible for their year-round media support,
which means we produce diverse content: corporate films, advertisements, documentaries, videos for social networks, and more. These are strong and significant collaborations for us as they align with our commitment to engaging in meaningful projects. They also allow us to unleash our creativity and mobilize all the talents working with us. It is a highly rewarding partnership both professionally and personally. Over the years, a strong trust and camaraderie have developed between us and these clients, as well as with the athletes whom we witness evolving,
growing, and flourishing in both their sports careers and private lives. We are inevitably moved by their stories and touched by their achievements, having witnessed their efforts to reach such heights. Thus, accompanying them behind the scenes at the Olympic Games in Pyeongchang 2018, Tokyo 2020, and Beijing 2022, witnessing them win
medals, has been truly momentous for us. From these encounters, other projects have emerged, such as our documentary “Soeurs de glisse”. In it, we portray the unique duo of the Sana sisters, one of whom is visually impaired, relying solely on the voice of the other as they ski. This film has been broadcast several times by RTBF and screened at festivals.