Video afspelen

Live stream produtions

The current health crisis is forcing the world of communication to rethink itself and to look for new solutions. It is not a good time for group meetings or company seminars. However, the need to communicate effectively has never been so important, both internally and externally. Faced with this situation, eProd has developed its “live” solution offer.

We offer our clients tailor-made formulas that allow them to maintain the link with their employees or their clients through their screens, but in a powerful and creative way. Imagine yourself… Taking stock of the past year from a television set broadcast live on a website, or presenting the advantages of your new product in front of a virtual screen… The production and broadcasting possibilities are numerous.

Here is an overview of the services we offer for your live event:

– Assessment of your needs ;
– Search for a filming location(s) or provision of a studio;
– Defining and setting up the programme’s direction;
Pre-production work;
Decoration and set-up of the stage;
Multi-camera filming;
– Management of livestreams on simultaneous channels (Facebook, YouTube, etc.);
– Setting up and respecting “covid” measures;
Catering management;
Post-production work and editing for rebroadcast

These different steps are given as an indication. An example can be seen here.