Sœurs de glisse

Documentary Sœurs de glisse Synopsis Two sisters from Court-Saint-Etienne are preparing for the Paralympic Winter Games in South Korea. The two skiers form a unique duo: Eleonor, visually impaired, has as her only guide on the slopes the voice of her elder sister. After 4 years of training and sacrifice, they won the first Belgian […]


Documentary https://vimeo.com/372845316https://vimeo.com/293968681/0ce6ead7fe Missions for the COLEACP Coleacp is an association of compagnies and experts committed ti sustainable agriculture. Their mission is to develop inclusive, sustainable trade in fruit & vegetables and food products, focusing on the ACP countries’ trade with one another and with the European Union. Since the beginning of its collaboration with COLEACP, […]

Save Tibet

Documentary International Campaign for Tibet Photography and video reports


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