The Powwow Team

More than twenty talents with varied profiles

Directors, cameramen, photographers, copywriters, journalists, translators, graphic designers, webmasters, actors, make-up artists, etc. Powwow brings together more than twenty professionals in the fields of sound, image, communication and the production in general. Several of them share, with our agency, the same offices in Brussels, a creative space equipped with technical infrastructures: recording studio with sound engineer/composer, podcast studio, photo and video studio…

This variety of skills and equipment, directly available, allows Powwow to intervene efficiently in all aspects of audiovisual creation. As founder, Kevin Zuijderhoff forms a very complementary team with Delphine Steckelmacher, Margot Brunet and Romain Mariage. You will inevitably deal with them when working with Powwow. We asked them to introduce themselves to each other for this focus on the team. This cross portrait is an opportunity to better understand the work experience they offer.

Kevin about Delphine

Delphine is a real storyteller, a magician of editing.

Delphine is my “barometer”, my “thermometer”, my “tensiometer”! Sometimes, when I arrive in the morning all excited about new ideas that I have thought of during the night. She listens carefully, then reframes me with a smile when necessary: “That’s great, but first we’re going to finish this editing”. Delphine is the ‘quiet strength’, calm, consistent and reliable. She joined me in 2016 after her editing studies, initially as a freelancer. Today, she is my right-hand and we form a real partnership. She is the one who follows up the projects when we are done shooting. And of course, she always takes care of the editing. She is a magician in this field, a real storyteller. She has the gift of making the most of the images we bring back to her and assembling them in such a way that it brings out the right emotions on the screen, with finesse and intelligence. It’s reassuring to work with her. She creates a climate of trust with our clients, who can see, at each stage, that the work is moving in the right direction. Also, Delphine is in the same state of mind as I am: we need a serene and respectful climate to give the best of ourselves and we are nourished by all these exchanges, by all these universes, so different, in which our activity gives us the chance to immerse ourselves.

Powwow: Société de production audiovisuelle à Bruxelles et en Belgique

Delphine Steckelmacher

Post-production Director

Powwow: Société de production audiovisuelle à Bruxelles et en Belgique

Kevin Zuijderhoff

CEO – Producer

Delphine about de Kevin

Kevin has this efficient, reliable, square side that reassures everyone.

I admire Kevin’s entrepreneurial spirit. His brain is bubbling with ideas, constantly considering future developments and giving himself the means to achieve them. He is curious about everything and everyone, and he is only happy if the people around him are happy too. With this energy and his benevolence, he has the art of bringing together and bringing out the best in everyone. He is a born team builder! With our clients, as with our employees, he creates an enthusiastic working atmosphere, respecting and valuing individual experience and skills. He has succeeded in building a team of talented and loyal professionals from a wide range of professions and backgrounds, with whom we go out into the field with complete confidence. With them, we can adapt to any project! And then, Kevin has this efficient, reliable and square side that reassures. For example, he takes the time to listen to our clients to correctly identify their needs. A perfectly understood request beforehand saves a lot of time in corrections and back and forth at the time of delivery. He is also very strict about his commitments. We sometimes tease him about this somewhat ‘military’ aspect of his personality. By the way, did you know that Kevin started his career in the Army? He wanted to be involved in humanitarian and peacekeeping missions. It is by being confronted with realities so different from ours, often difficult, that Kevin felt like arming himself… with a camera!

Kevin about Margot

After several years as an account juggling large portfolios in large advertising agencies, Margot joined Powwow with the desire to be part of a more family-oriented structure and to get involved in projects that make sense. She also wanted to vary the pleasures through a more diversified job. So Margot became another of our “super women”, a new pillar of Powwow, deploying her expertise, good ideas and talents in all aspects of our company’s development. Of course, she is also our Account Manager and, as such, she is the key contact for our clients, the link between them and our creative team. Attentive, intuitive and hyper-organised as well as being nice, she identifies the needs and constraints of each client, then transmits and orchestrates them with intelligence and kindness. She ensures that the objectives of an assignment and the specifications are respected from start to finish. Margot, who is used to managing complex situations, is in a way our fairy godmother “through whom everything becomes easy”!

Powwow: Société de production audiovisuelle à Bruxelles et en Belgique

Margot Brunet

Account Manager

Powwow: Société de production audiovisuelle à Bruxelles et en Belgique

Romain Mariage

Video technician – Intern


Margot about de Romain

There are interns and interns. And Romain is the trainee of dreams. He is in heaven in our technical stock (yes, yes!), is passionate about our advice (yes, yes!) and, above all, he shows a deep interest – and respect – for the people and situations we are asked to film. It is true that this final year student in Image adopted his course of study out of love (for video, it must be said). Before joining the HELB (Haute Ecole Libre de Bruxelles) in Audiovisual Techniques, he was already the author of productions made for friends or ‘for fun’, but of high ‘quality’. For him, the Image is a means of expression, an art, in which each shot, such a frame or montage, is a choice or an intuition which, assembled with a good technique, allow to render a particular universe, to tell a story, to transmit emotions. We love his sensitivity, his curiosity, his commitment, his proposals and the good humour he brings with him everywhere.

Focus on some of our partners...

Powwow: Société de production audiovisuelle à Bruxelles et en Belgique

Luc Laret



Luc, an indispensable partner for sound creation

We like working with Luc because he is passionate. He goes to the end of things, always with a view to excellence. He masters all aspects of sound creation: musical composition, sound design (special effects, textures, etc.), mixing and mastering for the finishing touches. By playing on these different axes, which he balances with finesse, he creates immersive and lively 3D audio, while giving each of our projects its own universe, a real identity. So Luc is not only an excellent technician. He is a sound artist. And we call on him for music as well as for advertising, corporate productions, documentaries, various television formats… The icing on the cake: communication with him is pleasant and easy, especially since his studio is just next door in our offices.

Allan, an artistic director in perfect harmony with our values

Allan is our art director for projects that require creative thinking. His job is to come up with an original concept that meets our client’s needs, and then to ensure the creative thread and quality throughout the production. He has an impressive CV, particularly in television with the major Belgian channels. He has developed and produced numerous programmes as project manager or artistic director in the fields of news, sport and entertainment. For RTBF alone, he has worked on #investigation, QR, Un Monde à part… He also produced the opening credits of the JT and was in charge of the last studio redesign of Matin Première in radio. Job-wise: no doubt about it, Allan is a pro. But more than that, he shares our ethics and we involve him in the evolution of Powwow. After a series of reports in Africa and several personal trips to other realities, he became aware of his responsibility as a media actor. He raises awareness among his students at the SAE Institute in Brussels, where he teaches the art of documentary film, and he is now involved in missions that combine audiovisual experience and human values.

Powwow: Société de production audiovisuelle à Bruxelles et en Belgique

Allan Wullus

Art Director

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