Guy Cudell

RTBF documentary of 63′ produced by Louvigny Media. The film was broadcast in December 2022 on La Une. We performed :

– Editing;

– Photo direction – Testimonials.


Sunday 24 June 1984. Worry is at its peak at the home of the Mayor of Saint-Josse Guy Cudell. His family has not heard from him for several hours. An absence that is out of character for the politician. The latter always informs his wife by telephone if he is going to be late. The police start their investigation but the leads are thin. Is it a kidnapping? Did he have a bad encounter? By delving into his past, the investigators discover that Mayor Cudell has been threatened with death by a terrorist organisation. With the help of evocations, restored archives and unpublished testimonies, “Kidnapping Alert” retraces in detail this Brussels news item and its incredible outcome.