about us

the powwow

The Powwow is a festive event that allows Aboriginal people to bring their cultural heritage to life. 

It is a privileged moment for everyone to get closer and exchange with family and friends.

To meet, to listen and to share are in our DNA.

The powwow reflects the way we think and generate creativity.

our DNA

Attitude towards the client

Every customer counts.

We want to build strong and lasting relationships based on mutual trust and transparency.

We offer tailor-made and efficient audiovisual solutions.

Our skills

Creativity comes from sharing

Our multidisciplinary team is composed of many talents.
Bringing together varied personalities, backgrounds and skills is part of our DNA.

We constantly innovate.

All of our collaborators are driven by the desire to perform a rigorous and qualitative work. We leave nothing to chance.

Our deep motivation leads us to challenge ourselves and discover new horizons.

Our team is flexible, agile and responsive.

Our experience allows us to manage the unexpected and to adapt to complex situations. As early as the preparation phase, we anticipate the client’s possible requests in order to respond quickly and qualitatively to unforeseen events, problems, new needs, etc. that may arise.
The great diversity of the missions we carry out is proof of our ability to adapt.

A thriving work environment is key to our success


Each of our employees/collaborators work in conditions that promote his/her/their personal development and creativity.

We believe in…
a healthy and inclusive work environnement.
a climate of listening and respect where everyone can flourish.

our team