Powwow is a full-service audiovisual production agency in Brussels.

We bring together creative minds to deliver creative work.

Powwow is an audiovisual production agency in Brussels offering a complete media service

Our audiovisual production agency is based in Brussels. But our team works everywhere, in Belgium and abroad, to produce advertising films, documentaries, livestreams, reports and other corporate video formats.

Our clients are companies, institutions or associations. They are also communication agencies, production companies and television channels.

The diversity of talents and professions that make up Powwow allows us to handle any type of audiovisual project and every stage of the creative process.

With, in addition, studios (sound, podcast, photo and video) at our disposal in our premises, we are also able to offer, to our clients who have recurrent media needs, a long term support.

They trust us

Our services


Advertising creations and production supports for all channels. We work either directly with the client or through communication agencies.


Audiovisual solutions for your internal communication: complete production, support for the production of corporate films in various formats, livestreams, media coaching and media support.


TV missions for channels and programme production companies. Our technical teams are supporting the different stages of programme production.

Portfolio: a look at our productions

Creation of “livestream” programmes with editing of sets for companies and associations, creation of advertising and filming atmosphere, on location or in our studios in Brussels, long term collaboration with clients such as the Belgian Paralympic Committee and the Handisport Leagues.

In addition to the catalogue of our realisations, here is a showreel representative of our activities and of the Powwow spirit:

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The Powwow: bringing creative minds together to deliver creative work

“Powwow”, our name, is a reference to the Amerindian powwows. These festive gatherings are privileged moments of exchange between the members of the community. Meeting, listening, sharing…

These values also represent our way of working and generating creativity. We see each new mission as a unique opportunity to bring together, in a positive and collaborative atmosphere, the best professionals for the specific needs of our clients.

The Powwow project in 5 keys

We want to build a strong and lasting relationship with our customers based on mutual trust and transparency.
We believe that creativity comes from sharing.
Our multidisciplinary team is composed of many talents. Bringing together people with different skills and backgrounds is part of our DNA.
We are constantly innovating.
Our employees are driven by the desire to do a rigorous and qualitative job. We leave nothing to chance. With each project, we challenge ourselves and explore new horizons.
Our team is flexible, agile and responsive.
Our experience allows us to manage the unexpected and to adapt to complex situations. As early as the preparation phase, we anticipate the possible demands of our clients in order to respond quickly and qualitatively to any problems or new needs that may arise. The diversity of the assignments we are entrusted with illustrates our ability to adapt.
A peaceful working environment is the key to our success.
Our employees and collaborators work in conditions that encourage their personal development and creativity. We believe in a healthy and inclusive work environment, where listening and respect allow all skills to flourish.
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Powwow: Société de production audiovisuelle à Bruxelles et en Belgique

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Powwow: Société de production audiovisuelle à Bruxelles et en Belgique

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